Rosie Chard

Rosie Chard is a novelist, freelance editor, landscape architect and English language teacher. After qualifying as a landscape architect from the University of Greenwich she lived and worked in Denmark and Canada for several years, designing gardens, parks and urban spaces. Her first novel Seal Intestine Raincoat, whichwas published in 2009 by NeWest Press, won the 2010 Alberta Trade Fiction Book Award and received an honorable mention for the Sunburst Fiction Award the same year. She was also shortlisted for the 2010 John Hirsch award for the Most Promising Manitoba writer. Her second novel The Insistent Garden, also published by NeWest Press, was the recipient of the Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction in Canada in 2014. Her third novel, The Eavesdroppers, will be published by NeWest Press in September 2018. She is currently writing her fourth novel.


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